Pottery Party

                                              Pottery Party


Whether you are a long time collector of Polish ceramic or interested in buying your first piece, Polish Pottery Party is a fun way to shop with your friends in the comfort of your own home.

What is a Polish Pottery Party?

Art Polish Pottery Party is an opportunity for you to see, touch, and purchase pieces directly from our current shop in U.K. You and your party guests can pick the stoneware pieces you like and take them home the same day.  No shipping costs and no waiting for your order to arrive.  Parties typically last between 1 1/2 - 2 hours, depending on the number of guests.


 What are the Hostess Rewards?

15% commission on a whole sale to spend on Polish pottery


What do I need to host a Pottery Party?

-A guest list with email addresses

-Simple Refreshments

-An area where we can set up our pottery for display.


What will Art Polish Pottery provide?


-A selection of polish tableware and ovenware, ready for purchase.

-Free Credit to YOU, the Hostess!!

Parties are available within 60 miles radius from Basingstoke , Hampshire, Rg23


The folk art of handcrafted and handpainted Polish Pottery originated hundreds of years ago. The Silesian region of Western Poland is particularly recognised for producing beautiful, high quality ceramics since the 1830's. The pottery is recognisable by its distinctive peacock designs.

Polish farmers created these traditional designs with inspiration from the proud peacocks, whose brilliant colours added beauty and colour to an otherwise plain and simple lifestyle. Over the years the technique of using handmade stencils to create the designs has become a form of art passed down the generations. Antique pieces can be viewed at museums in Poland and take pride of place in collections around the World.

We source all of our Polish ceramic from Boleslawiec, a small villlage of Poland, where skilled artisans still individually handcraft and hand paint each piece with the same pride and care used over a century ago.

Using traditional techniques, products are handmade and manually decorated by means of singular Boleslawiec punch technique. Each piece retains the artistry and quality of old masterpieces, with each piece as individual as the artisan who created it.

This beautiful stoneware is famously sturdy, and won't crack or chip easily with normal use. Thanks to the introduction of modern glazing and firing techniques, it is suitable for use in the oven, microwave, fridge, freezer and dishwasher. This is a piece of art that you can use and enjoy every day with confidence.


Just a few reasons to buy from us:

Buying from us is safe and secure. We have the highest encryption in place to make sure your information stays private and we never store your personal information.

The highest quality to the last detail. We personally visit the highest quality manufacturers in Boleslawiec, Poland regularly and we know how each piece is hand made and finished with all passion and care. The products such as white clay and paints are superb quality.

Superior customer service. We exhibit at regular events and we listen to our customers needs. We import only unique selection of Polish pottery. During our visits to Boleslawiec we choose functional and most beautiful ceramic dishes. Our pottery mix and match.

Every package we send is expertly wrapped and cared for to ensure that your pieces arrive exactly as you expect them. Low prices and free shipping.


We do our best to keep all our prices competitive and if your order is over £50.00, we'll even pay your shipping.