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  • Art Polish Pottery - Farmhouse Kitchen Accessories

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  • Art Polish Pottery - Farmhouse Kitchen Accessories

    finest Polish stoneware


Handmade Tableware & Stoneware from Poland in UK

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Art Polish PotteryArt Polish Pottery sources fine quality handmade stoneware directly from artisians in the ceramic original making town of Boleslawiec in Poland. Polish pottery from this region is globally recognised for its superb quality, beautiful designs and practical functionality.

Our team of experienced buyers regularly visits Poland to select the best pieces for your Polish hand decorated ceramic collection, use in the home, or to give as a gift.

Each item is crafted from white clay, decorated by hand with lead free glazes and fired to a high temperature to ensure that they not only look stunning but are also suitable for use in the oven, microwave and dishwasher. 

Our family has enjoyed handcrafted Polish stoneware for generations - and we're sure your family will too.


Why buy from us

  • Buying from us is safe and secure. We have the highest encryption in place to make sure your information stays private and we never store your personal information.
  • The highest quality to the last detail. We visit Manufactura in Boleslawiec, Poland regularly and we know how each piece is hand made and finished with all passion and care. The products such as white clay and paints are superb quality.
  • Superior customer service. We exhibit at regular events and we listen to our customers needs.

Last year we exhibited at Winchester Christmas Market, Salisbury Christmas Market, Oxford Christmas Market, Kingston Christmas Market and Southampton Christmas Market

  • We import only unique selection of Polish pottery in U.K. During our visits to Boleslawiec we choose functional and most beautiful blue ceramic dishes. Polish tableware mix and match
  • Every package we send is expertly wrapped and cared for to ensure that your pieces arrive exactly as you expect them.
  • Low prices and free shipping. We do our best to keep all our prices competitive.